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VitalSleep Mouthpiece Snoring Bundle
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Limited-Time Snoring Bundle Kit

VitalSleep has been helping snorer for over 10 years achieve better sleep with personalized snoring solutions.

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This special offer includes complimentary gifts
- VitalSleep mouthpiece ($69.95 value)
- Free bottle of cleaner ($14.95 value)
- Free contoured sleep mask ($9.95 value)
- Free worldwide shipping ($7.95+ value)
- Free ear plugs with case ($5.95 value)
- Free canvas carrying pouch ($9.95 value)

  • FDA-Cleared Trusted Snoring Solution
  •  Adjustable and Customizable Snoring Solution
  •  1-Year Warranty and It's Made In The USA

"I stopped snoring the first night. I tried lots of things and nothing worked until I used Vital Sleep."
Dr. Alan Hedge, Cornell NY
"Now I sleep better and wake up more rested. Before Vital Sleep I snored loudly and often woke up."
Louise Rosen, Austin, TX
"Now my wife can sleep and I feel better. It's the most amazing device I have ever used."
Lorne Ray., Hendersonville, NC
If for any reason you're not fully satisfied, let us know within 60 nights and we'll send you your money back. Contact us at If we can't help you sleep better, we don't deserve your money. 

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VitalSleep® is proudly manufactured, assembled and packaged in the USA. 

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